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March 3, 2011- Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls Reopens Today!

January 23, 2011- Mardi Gras 2011 Lineup Announced

January 1, 2011- Two-Alarm Fire Engulfs Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls

December 24, 2010- A Sincere Apology For UOC's Absence

October 27, 2010- UOC Heading Back to Universal Orlando!


Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls Reopens Today!


By Elijah Reiss

After only 61 days since its fire, Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls at IOA has finally reopened! It is still being disputed on what exactly caused the fire on New Year's day, but the most important thing is nobody got hurt and it's now back up and running. This was the first thing to ever go wrong with the ride since its opening in 1999, but luckily the ride wasn't damaged enough to destroy the whole thing. So if you are going to be at Universal Orlando soon, don't hesitate to ride this ride since there is nothing wrong and hopefully no fires will happen on it again. Happy riding!


Mardi Gras 2011 Lineup Announced


By Elijah Reiss


For 2011 Universal Orlando’s annual Mardi Gras celebration of beads, music, and fun, the lineup of artists performing is better than ever! Every year fans await for months to see who will be playing at the next year’s celebration, and now the lineup has been announced. Besides the last show on April 23rd, every night of performances has been filled. So take a look and see what’s in store and who’s playing for Mardi Gras 2011!


Saturday February 11th- Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons

Saturday February 19th- The B-52s

Sunday February 20th- KC and The Sunshine Band

Saturday February 26th- Pitbull

Saturday March 5th- Lynyrd Skynyrd

Saturday March 12th- Foreigner

Friday March 18th- Neon Trees

Saturday March 19th- Thirty Seconds To Mars

Friday March 25th- OneRepublic

Saturday March 26th- Blake Shelton

Friday April 1st- Sean Kingston

Saturday April 2nd- Ne-Yo

Saturday April 9th- Lifehouse

Saturday April 16th- The Beach Boys

Saturday April 23rd- To Be Announced


To get tickets to Mardi Gras, CLICK HERE!


Two- Alarm Fire Engulfs Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls


By Elijah Reiss


At 5 PM EST today, Orlando fire departments were called to Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando since part of the Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls water ride in Toon Lagoon was engulfed in flames. All riders and people inside the building were quickly evacuated and everyone came out unharmed although some did complain of smoke in the air. Firefighters were able to put out the two-alarm blaze in 30 minutes, and contain it in 45. The ride has been closed indefinitely and rebuilding what was destroyed should take a while. IOA did not close during the fire, but Toon Lagoon did close until 90 minutes after the fire was put out. during the fire. Nobody is sure at this point of what started the fire, but officials are speculating at the moment that it was probably something electrical.


Photos courtesy of CNN


A Sincere Apology For UOC's Absence


By Elijah Reiss


For the last two months as most of you have noticed, UOC has been frozen. The Halloween Horror Nights XX background and header has stayed up, and the last article was about me going back to Universal Orlando, which have both since long past. Right after I returned home from my trip, I had hours upon hours of footage and pages upon pages of photos I took. But right when I was about to start putting the movie together, something wonderful happened. Of course I use the word "wonderful" in the most sarcastic way possible. Yes, my laptop got a virus and ceased to function properly. And until recently, I was out of a laptop. But, now I have a new computer and thankfully they saved all of my files. So from now on, UOC will be back to being updated one to two times a week. Sadly since I see no point to it considering it's tomorrow, there will be nothing on here about Christmas at Universal Orlando. Also, all the footage I shot in Orlando from October is being put into a film as we speak and you can look for that on my Youtube once that's up and finished.As for UOC Live, we may just have a one year anniversary show on the 1st since UOC launched on January 1, 2010. So check back on here for more on that soon and also you can like us on Facebook under "Universal Orlando Central". Once again, my sincere apoligies for those who missed us, but we're back and running as of today.


And for you non-believers, here's the proof. I was there.


UOC Heading Back to Universal Orlando


By Elijah Reiss


UOC will be back in Orlando, Florida at USF and IOA from Thursday the 28th to Sunday the 31st. Sadly, I will not be going to Halloween Horror Nights XX due to the cost being so high and due to my lack of interest.  But, I will be going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for the first time. And after seeing it as only a mere idea three years ago and now knowing that I am going to be there, it’s great. I will of course document everything as usual for Mission Orlando 4, but due to the lack of people on YouTube that search up “Mission” and “Orlando” together, the movie will be titled as something else on YouTube.

Along with my Orlando trip approaching tomorrow, on Friday (October 29) at 9 PM EST, Universal Orlando Central Live will finally be coming back from the depths of its four month long hiatus since June. As were we in April, we will be broadcasting from Orlando, Florida in a great returning show. Topics will include Halloween Horror Nights XX, the hopefully not permanent closure of Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, my day at USF and IOA, and more. So it would be great if everyone tuned into that and the number to call in 1-646-843-6973 ext. 625. You can listen to the show on the “UOC Live Shows” page here on UOC.

Other than that I, myself and Jon Alba would like to apologize for the lack of UOC things this summer. There definitely should have been weekly articles and broadcasts of UOC Live, but due to a very busy schedule, a debate whether to close the site or not, and issues between Jon and I, we barely updated UOC as much as we should have. Also, Jon is currently doing another web show with his friend Tanner Kish, which discusses sports and entertainment called, And Then There Were Two. It’s on every Tuesday night at 9 PM EST on Jon’s site, sportsfullcircle.com.

So keep it here with UOC, check us out everyday for new stuff, and don’t forget that we’ll be broadcasting live from Orlando this Friday night at 9 PM EST!


Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Closing Rumor?


By Elijah Reiss


Say it ain’t so. Is this really possible? Could the only one-year-old, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Studios Florida be closing for good? On September 15th the coaster was shut down to prevent potential safety issues warned by the ride’s German manufacturer, Maurer Sohne. After vehicle testing, it was discovered on September 2nd that due to the over 2,000 riders per hour, the vehicles could not sustain all the pressure put on it. Therefore to prevent any future catastrophes at Universal, the ride will be closed for a few months. But, internet rumors have begun to speculate that this closure may not ever bring the ride back.

Prior to this discovery and recent closure, the ride has broken down quite a few times for minor maintenance issues, but because this has been going on frequently and it has only been open a year, Universal may decide to scrap the whole thing. Something somewhat similar to what Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey did to Batman and Robin: The Chiller after almost ten years of frequent break-downs.

This has come as a huge disappointment to Rockit and Universal fans alike, but this is even more of an embarrassment to USF considering they just kicked off Halloween Horror Nights XX last Friday. So to have a whole celebration at the park and then to have a very tall and noticeable structure not be operating while this is all going on, is very disappointing and embarrassing for USF.

So will Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit become the next Chiller? Will they have wasted all those years in planning and construction and money for the ride? As we constantly say here at UOC about rumors, only time will tell.

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